Flamart (Featuring Latin American Music and Art) is proud to launch the city’s first ‘Latin Week Houston’ – a week celebration of Latin American art. Latin Week Houston’s mission is to present, celebrate and preserve the rich diversity Latin American arts contain. From the indigenous to the Gypsy to the African to the European and beyond, Latin American culture and its art-forms, are a reflection of the convergence of world cultures in one geographical area.

LWH 2020 Featured Artists

Polly Ferman
Alexis Zanety
Eddy Marcano
Reinaldo Costa
Jaylon Givan
Paul Boyd
Jorge 'CroCro' Orta y su Tumbaká
Alison Greene
Courtney Sherman-Allen
Solero Flamenco
José 'Layo' Puentes
Brittany Lane
Danza Azteca Aquetzalli
Baden Goyo
Chanelle Matthews
Bielitski Prada
Juan Pablo Romero
José Antonio Alvarez
Mayra Bullock
Mary Frometa
Lewa Afrika
Intempo Dance
Tracie Jackson
Raquel Cepeda
Traveon Dinell Rogers
Angel 'Angelucho' Bermúdez
Tarami Readus
Mauricio Oliveros
Raúl Orlando Edwards
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Chanelle Matthews